1. Remove the Japanese Magic soap from its plastic covering. Roll the net up over the soap, taking care not to rip it as you go.

2. Hook the plastic ring around the top of the net as shown.

3. Slide the cover over the top of the plastic ring.

4. Insert the hook through the hole on the suction cup.

NOTE : Prolonged storage of product may result in shrinkage or appearance of white powder but this will not affect quality in any way.

  • Keep out of reach of infants
  • Use rubber dishwashing gloves if you have sensitive skin or intend to use the product for extended periods.
  • Test product on an inconspicuous area first before washing colored or patterned items.
  • This product is for use with cold water. It should not be used for dirty cleaning.
  • Make sure to rinse items thoroughly with cold water after cleaning.