Stains occur every day from children school uniforms to adult working or casual clothes for various reasons. Many consumers are often frustrated by tough stains, especially for those who only washes their clothes once a week. The longer the stain remains, the tougher it is to remove.  With Japanese Magic laundry soap, consumers don’t have to worry about the damage stain can cause to their clothes, allowing the consumers to freely enjoy their daily important activities.

Japanese Magic laundry bar soap was formulated in Japan and was sold in Japan for 12 years by BlueKey Corporation. Japanese Magic soap eliminate almost every general stain; even really tough dried-in stains that have been around for ages.

Japanese Magic Soap works on hard-to-remove stains caused by sweat, blood, mud, lipstick, sauce, mineral oil, ink etc.

Japanese Magic Soap is effective on business shirts & blouse, dresses, sports clothes, underwear, diapers, lab coats, socks, student school shoes and also sport shoes etc.